Annex to Terms & Privacy

This document is an annex to the general Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for, and does not in itself detail all of the conditions of use for FlipSnack.Edu. Please make sure you read the general Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for before using FlipSnack.Edu, which is an integral part of the Snacktools network.

FlipSnack Edu allows you to create and publish custom flipbooks. Therefore, you control the information that you and your students choose to include in the books you create. By "you" we mean an adult teacher who sends an invitation to a student to join a Class license on FlipSnack Edu.

By "student" we mean anyone in your classroom who accepted your invitation to be a member of the Class license. Please note that students must be at least 13 years old to have a free FlipSnack account. If they are younger, they'll need to be assigned usernames and they will hand their accounts off to parents or guardians before removing them, when no longer needed.

Note to parents, teachers and students regarding privacy

We encourage parents and teachers to be closely involved in their students/children activity in regards to their FlipSnack Edu activity. We will not be held responsible for any information included in the flipbooks, and although we guarantee complete privacy for the flipbooks shared inside a class license, we suggest caution in the case that these flipbooks are downloaded or made public at any time. No personally-identifying information should be included in the flipbooks by children without the consent of their parent, guardian or teacher. Parents are teachers are strongly encouraged to monitor children's online use, and help us protect their privacy by instructing students to never provide their full name, email address, home address, telephone number or any other personally-identifying information that would enable someone to contact them either on-line or off-line, without first asking a parent, guardian or teacher for permission.

Teachers, we strongly encourage you to prevent students from publishing their flipbooks with the entire edu community by checking the appropriate option. Students will be unable to select Show flip on browse page in the Publishing Options. This also means that they will be unable to showcase their flipbooks on your custom domain Browse page. When publishing by student is not allowed, you will still have the option to publish student work manually on a case-by-case basis using your edu account. Exercise caution when using this feature.